Product Info

Zilla Deluxe XL Bearded Dragon Kit 38" x 20.5" x 18.5"

Larger Deluxe Kit for Permanently Housing Adult Bearded Dragons!

    Premium quality 40 Breeder glass terrarium habitat
    Dome light fixtures and bulbs provides a healthy amount of heat and light
    Includes food for healthy nutrition and dishes for food and water
    Terrarium liner is easy to clean and is treated to prevent bacterial growth

The Zilla Deluxe XL Bearded Dragon Kit is large enough to comfortably accommodate a bearded dragon from infancy to adulthood. This kit includes the essential components, such as heating, lighting, food and water, to care for a bearded dragon of any age. Just add a basking area and decor items to create a comfortable permament home for your bearded dragon.

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